DATE 2012: Dresden, Germany

Keynote Addresses

Validation of Modern Microprocessors

Memory System Optimization

Architectures and Efficient Designs for Automotive and Energy-Management Systems

Physical Design for Low-Power

Optimized Utilization of Embedded Platforms

Special Session - Hot Topic - EDA Solutions to New-Defect Detection in Advanced Process Technologies

Beyond CMOS - Benchmarking for Future Technologies

Effective Functional Simulation and Validation

Industrial Design Methodologies

Large-Scale Energy and Thermal Management

Model-Based Design and Verification for Embedded Systems

Improving Reliability and Yield in Advanced Technologies

Hot Topic - Design Automation Tools for Engineering Biological Systems

Interactive Presentations

Routing Solutions for Upcoming NoC Challenges

Industrial Embedded System Design

System-Level Power and Reliability Estimation and Optimization

Embedded Tutorial - State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques for Quantitative Modeling and Analysis of Embedded Systems

Compilers and Source-Level Simulation

Advances in Test Generation

Special Day E-Mobility - Embedded Systems and SW Challenges

Panel - Accelerators and Emulatiors for HS Verification

Medical and Healthcare Applications


Shared Memory Management in Multicore

Scheduling and Allocation

Testing of Non-Volatile Memories

Interactive Presentations

Keynote Address

Embedded Tutorial - Memristor Technology

Thermal Aware Low Power Design

Basic Techniques for Improving the Formal Verification Flow

System-on-Chip Composition and Synthesis

Timing Analysis

Hot Topic - Design for Test and Reliability in Ultimate CMOS

Hot Topic - Energy of Optimization (Special Day E-Mobility)

Hot Topic - Virtual Platforms: Breaking New Grounds

Multimedia and Consumer Applications

Nanoelectronic Devices

High Level and Statistical Design of Mixed-Signal Systems

Advances in Dataflow Modeling and Analysis

Test and Repair of New Technologies

Hot Topic - New Directions in Timing Modeling and Analysis of Automotive Software

Interactive Presentations

Hot Topic - Robustness Challenges in Automotive (Special Day E-Mobility)

Panel - EDA for Trailing Edge Technologies

Innovative Reliable Systems and Applications

Advances in Formal SoC Verification

Variability and Delay

System-Level Optimization of Embedded Real-Time Systems

On-Line Test for Secure Systems

Embedded Tutorial - Batteries and Battery Management Systems

Special Session - From Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Core Design to Exascale Computing

Architecture and Building Blocks for Secure Systems

Advances in High-Level Synthesis

Supply Voltage and Circuitry Based Power Reductions

Creation and Processing of System-level Models

Test and Monitoring of RF and Mixed-Signal ICs

Interactive Presentations

Special Day More-Than-Moore: Technologies

Pathways to Servers of the Future

Side-Channel Analysis and Protection of Secure Embedded Systems

Topics in High-Level Synthesis

Modeling of Complex Analogue and Digital Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems

On-Line Test and Fault Tolerance

Embedded Tutorial - Moore Meets Maxwell

Special Day More-Than-Moore: Heterogeneous Integration

The Quest for NoC Performance

Emerging Memory Technologies (1)

Physical Anchors for Secure Systems

Analogue Design Validation

Techniques and Technologies Power Aware Reconfiguration

Rise and Fall of Layout

Hot Topic - Programmability and Performance Portability of Multi-/Many-Core

Interactive Presentations

Special Day More-Than-Moore: Applications

The Frontier of NoC Design

Emerging Memory Technologies (2)

Digital Communication Systems

Architecture and Networks for Adaptive Computing