49th DAC 2012: San Francisco, CA, USA

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E-health: a killer application for eletronic devices?

Design automation for things wet, small, spooky, and tamable

Be efficient: low-power design techniques

Design and data security: is it even possible?

System simulation: the need for speed!

Can EDA combat the rise of electronic counterfeiting?

Reliability: from atoms to 3-D

EDA for emerging applications at the kilometer, micron, and nanometer scales

Facing dependability: system-level solutions and cybercar challenges

Volatile or non-volatile? that's the question

Self-aware and adaptive technologies: the future of computing systems?

Why model? beacuse reality is complicated enough!

Is formal verification ready for the system level?

NoCs next top model: from system-level to prototype

Timing analysis and software-controlled memory: are we safe?

Routing-driven design closure

Storing, computing, and storing while computing: the new face of non-volatility in systems

You can count on me: why it's OK to be imprecise or unreliable

Optimization to the rescue of analog

Xterminating bugs

Brain-inspired autonomous computing and modeling

Design, the next generation: from routing to capturing design expertise

Staying cool: modeling thermal effects in 3-D and multicore

SOS: specification, optimization, and synthesis in system-level design

Future of IC reliability

Breaking out of EDA: how to apply EDA techniques to broader applications

The right placement at the right timing

Global views of synthesis: broadening the scope