ICCD 2001: Austin, Texas, USA

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Keynote Addresses

Asynchronous Techniques

Architectural Modeling: Performance and Power Analysis


Simulation Based Verification

Modeling of Capacitance and Crosstalk Noise

Improving the Performance of Caching Structures

Test Pattern Generation, Test Compaction, and Test Point Insertion for Synchronous Sequential Circuits

Computer Arithmetic

Circuit Sizing and Optimization

Clocking and Time-Domain Measurements

Processor Microarchitecture

Invited Session: Taming Tons of Gigabytes: Innovations in Disk Drive Electronics

Energy Efficiency Caches and Multiport Cache Structures

Control by Simulation and On-line Checking

CAD Algorithms for Physical Design

Formal Methods for Property Verification and Equivalence Verification

Hardware Representation

Circuit Techniques


Novel Architectures and ISA Extensions

Poster Papers

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