CASE 2014: New Taipei, Taiwan

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Best Conference Application Paper Award Competition (Award Finalists Session)

Power and Energy Systems

Quantitative Methods in Semiconductor Manufacturing I (Special Session)

Computational Intelligence in Scheduling(Special Session)

Electrical/Hybrid Vehicle and Energy Management Systems (Special Session)

Recent Developments on Advanced Mechatronic Systems(Special Session)

Steps Toward Better Design of Industrial Robots (Special Session)

3D Technology in Robotics(Special Session)

Networked/Mobile Robots and Planning (Regular Session)

Manufacturing Automation I (Regular Session)

Scheduling and Optimization I (Regular Session)

Simulation Optimization and Building Automation I (Special Session)

Discrete Event Systems (Regular Session)

Advances in Sustainable Production Automation (Special Session)

Life Science and Health Care(Regular Session)

Automation in Health Care Management(Special Session)

Automation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management (Regular Session)

Best Student Paper Award Competition (Award Finalists Session)

Production and Operations Management under Uncertainties: Theory & Technology (Special Session)

Quantitative Methods in Computer-Assisted Detection and Diagnosis (Special Session)

Performance Evaluation for Production Systems and Supply Chains (Special Session)

Sensor-Based System Informatics and Control (Special Session)

Manufacturing Automation I (Regular Session)