ICASSP 2008: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Environmental Sound Processing and Audio Event Detection

Source Separation I

Content-based Audio Processing and Music Information Retrieval

Microphone Arrays for Speech Enhancement

Audio Analysis and Synthesis

Source Separation II

Audio Coding

Echo Cancellation

Microphone Arrays

Acoustics, Active Noise Control, and Hearing Aids

Spatial and Multichannel Audio

EEG Signal Processing

Functional MRI

Processing of Physiological Signals

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing I

Biomedical Signal and Image Processing II


Video Coding I

Video Coding and Transmission

Video Segmentation and Tracking

Feature Extraction and Analysis

Restoration and Enhancement I

Optical Flow and Motion Estimation

Image/Video Storage and Retrieval

Interpolation and Super-resolution II

Modeling and Quality Assessment

Image Filtering and Restoration

Image/Video Segmentation and Tracking