CHI 2013: Paris, France

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Papers: managing social media

Papers: enhancing access

Papers: learning

Papers: interaction in the wild

Papers: 3D user interfaces

Papers: crowdsourcing: people power

Papers: multitouch and gesture

Papers: gaze

Papers: technologies for life 1

Papers: evaluation methods 1

Papers: co-design with users

Papers: language and translation

Papers: brain sensing and analysis

Papers: crowdwork and online communities

Papers: keyboards and hotkeys

Papers: flexible displays

Papers: smart tools, smart work

Papers: creating and authoring

Papers: exploring games

Papers: tables and floors

Papers: design for classrooms 1

Papers: crowds and activism

Papers: large and public displays

Papers: interacting around devices

Papers: design for the home

Papers: social creativity

Papers: design for classrooms 2

Papers: reflecting on phones