24th ITiCSE 2019: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

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Keynote 1

Session 1A: Identity

Session 1B: Novice Programmers

Session 1C: Curriculum

Session 1D: Pedagogy

Session 2A: Expectation and Experience

Session 2B: Programming

Session 2C: Curriculum

Session 2D: Pedagogy

Session 3A: Panel 1

Session 3B: Pair Programming

Session 3C: CS1

Session 3D: Student Reasoning

Session 4A: Panel 2

Session 4B: Tips, Techniques and Courseware

Session 5A: Working Groups Presentations

Session 5B: Professional Development

Session 5C: Posters

Keynote 2

Session 6A: Panel 3

Session 6B: Doctoral Consortium Preseentations

Session 6C: Programming

Session 6D: Experience

Session 7A: Secondary School