13th IJCAI 1993: Chambéry, France


Automated Reasoning

Abduction I

Abduction II

Deductive Planning and Theory Approximation

Theorem Proving I

Theorem Proving II

Theorem Proving III

Theorem Proving IV

Theorem Proving V

Theorem Proving VI

Theorem Proving VII

Time and Action I

Time and Action II

Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling I

Cognitive Modeling II

Cognitive Modeling III

Constraint Satisfaction Problems



Constraint Satisfaction Strategies I

Constraint Satisfaction Strategies II

Overdetermination and Interchangeability


Distributed AI

Agent Learning

Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems I

Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems II

Multi-Agent Collaboration I

Multi-Agent Collaboration II

Multi-Agent Epistemology I

Multi-Agent Epistemology II

Multi-Agent Logic Programming

Mult-Agent Negotiation I

Multi-Agent Negotiation II

Intelligent Tuoring Systems

Intelligent Tuoring Systems I

Intelligent Tuoring Systems II

Knowledge Base Technology

Knowledge Base Technology I

Knowledge Base Technology II

Knowledge Base Technology III

Knowledge Representation

Belief Revision I

Belief Revision II


Default Logics I

Default Logics II

Evidential Reasoning

Reasoning Under Uncertainty I

Reasoning Under Uncertainty II

Reasoning with Inconsistent or Disjunctive Information

Temporal Reasoning

Terminological Logic I

Terminological Logic II

Terminological Logic III

Terminological Logic IV

Theory of Action I

Theory of Action II

Invited Speakers



Logic Programming

Languages for AI

Logic Programming and Automated Logic Debugging

Logic Programming I

Logic Programming II

Machine Learning


Case Based Reasoning

Combinatorial Problems

Combined Learning Methods

Complex Concept Acquisition

Genetic Algorithms

Improving Behavior


Induction of Decision Trees

Induction with Continuous Attributes

Inductive Logic Programming I