13th IJCAI 1993: Chambéry, France

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Automated Reasoning

Abduction I

Abduction II

Deductive Planning and Theory Approximation

Theorem Proving I

Theorem Proving II

Theorem Proving III

Theorem Proving IV

Theorem Proving V

Theorem Proving VI

Theorem Proving VII

Time and Action I

Time and Action II

Cognitive Modeling

Cognitive Modeling I

Cognitive Modeling II

Cognitive Modeling III

Constraint Satisfaction Problems



Constraint Satisfaction Strategies I

Constraint Satisfaction Strategies II

Overdetermination and Interchangeability


Distributed AI

Agent Learning

Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems I

Analysis of Multi-Agent Systems II

Multi-Agent Collaboration I

Multi-Agent Collaboration II

Multi-Agent Epistemology I

Multi-Agent Epistemology II

Multi-Agent Logic Programming

Mult-Agent Negotiation I

Multi-Agent Negotiation II

Intelligent Tuoring Systems

Intelligent Tuoring Systems I

Intelligent Tuoring Systems II

Knowledge Base Technology

Knowledge Base Technology I

Knowledge Base Technology II

Knowledge Base Technology III

Knowledge Representation

Belief Revision I

Belief Revision II


Default Logics I

Default Logics II

Evidential Reasoning

Reasoning Under Uncertainty I

Reasoning Under Uncertainty II

Reasoning with Inconsistent or Disjunctive Information

Temporal Reasoning

Terminological Logic I

Terminological Logic II

Terminological Logic III

Terminological Logic IV

Theory of Action I

Theory of Action II

Invited Speakers



Logic Programming

Languages for AI

Logic Programming and Automated Logic Debugging

Logic Programming I

Logic Programming II

Machine Learning


Case Based Reasoning

Combinatorial Problems

Combined Learning Methods

Complex Concept Acquisition

Genetic Algorithms

Improving Behavior


Induction of Decision Trees