14th IOLTS 2008: Rhodes, Greece

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On-Line Error Detection and Correction

Self-Checking Circuits and Error Detecting Codes

Radiation Hardening Techniques

Soft Error Detection and Correction Methodologies

Control-Flow Checking and Fault-Tolerance in Special Applications

Fault Injection

Benchmarking and Standardization in Software-Based SER Characterization: Towards an IEEE Task Force?

Invited Talk

Mitigation Techniques for Transient Errors

Memory Self-Test and Self-Repair



Reliability and Circuit Simulation

Fault-Tolerance and On-Line Testing for Networks-on-Chip, Labs-on-Chip and Multiport Chips

Parametric Testing Techniques

Radiation-Induced SER

Self-Test Generation Techniques

Laser-Based Fault Injection in Memories

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