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      21st ICALT 2021: Tartu, Estonia

      20th ICALT 2020: Tartu, Estonia

      19th ICALT 2019: Maceió, Brazil

      18th ICALT 2018: Mumbai, India

      17th ICALT 2017: Timisoara, Romania

      16th ICALT 2016: Austin, TX, USA

      15th ICALT 2015: Hualien, Taiwan

      14th ICALT 2014: Athens, Greece

      13th ICALT 2013: Beijing, China

      12th ICALT 2012: Rome, Italy

      11th ICALT 2011: Athens, Georgia, USA

      10th ICALT 2010: Sousse, Tunisia

      9th ICALT 2009: Riga, Latvia

      8th ICALT 2008: Santander, Cantabria, Spain

      7th ICALT 2007: Niigata, Japan

      6th ICALT 2006: Kerkrade, The Netherlands

      5th ICALT 2005: Kaohsiung, Taiwan

      4th ICALT 2004: Joensuu, Finland

      3rd ICALT 2003: Athens, Greece

      2nd ICALT 2002: Kazan, Russia

      1st ICALT 2001: Madison, WI, USA

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