16. AIED 2013: Memphis, TN, USA - Workshops

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Part 1: Workshop on Massive Open Online Courses (moocshop)

Part 2: Scaffolding in Open-Ended Learning Environments (OELEs)

Part 3: 2nd Workshop on Intelligent Support for Learning in Groups

Part 4: AIED Workshop on Simulated Learners

Part 5: 4th International Workshop on Culturally-Aware Tutoring Systems (CATS2013)

Part 6: Cross-Cultural Differences and Learning Technologies for the Developing World (LT4D) -- Issues, Constraints, Solutions

Part 7: Recommendations for Authoring, Instructional Strategies and Analysis for Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS): Toward the Development of a Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutoring (GIFT)

Part 8: Formative Feedback in Interactive Learning Environments (FFILE)

Part 9: The First Workshop on AI-supported Education for Computer Science (AIEDCS)

Part 10: Workshop on Self-Regulated Learning in Educational Technologies (SRL@ET): Supporting, modeling, evaluating, and fostering metacognition with computer-based learning environments

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