14. FPL 2004: Leuven, Belgium

Plenary Keynotes

Organic and Biology Computing

Security and Cryptography 1

Platform Based Design

Algorithms and Architectures

Acceleration Application 1

Architecture 1

Physical Design 1

Arithmetic 1


Circuit Technology

Memory 1

Network Processing



Arithmetic 2

Signal Processing 1

Computational Models and Compiler

Dynamic Reconfiguration 1

Network and Optimization Algorithms

System-on-Chip 1

High Speed Design

Security and Cryptography 2

Architecture 2

Memory 2

Image Processing 1


Power Aware Design 1

IP-Based Design

Power Aware Design 2

Coprocessing Architectures

Embedded Tutorials

Dynamic Reconfiguration 2

Physical Design 2

Acceleration Application 2

System Level Design

Physical Interconnect

Computational Models

Acceleration Applications 3

Arithmetic 3

Signal Processing 2

System-on-Chip 2

Image Processing 2

Cryptography and Compression

Network Applications and Architectures

Network on Chip and Adaptive Architectures

Debugging and Test

Organic and Biology Computing (Poster)

Security and Cryptography (Poster)

Mapping and Compilers (Poster)

Architectures (Poster)

Algorithms and IP (Poster)