CHI 2009: Boston, MA, USA

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Understanding information

Designing for other cultures

Expertise/people finding

Design methods


New tabletop input and output methods


Online relationships

Education and science

Personal information management

Clicking on buttons

Privacy and trust

Accessibility/special needs

Sustainability 1

Creating thought and self-improvement

Telepresence and online media

Learning challenges

Tangibles on tables

Computer mediated communication 1

Non-traditional interaction techniques

In the living room

Information foraging

Prototyping and interaction

Understanding UI 1


Cross culture CMC

Scientometric analysis of the CHI proceedings

User experience

In the home

Q&A systems

Looking at videos

Art creation

Programming tools and architectures

The status of ethnography in systems design


Techniques for mobile interaction

Social networking sites

Software developers and programmers

Large displays/multi-display environments

Sustainability 2