PDPTA 2000: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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Volume I

Parallel and Sequential Algorithms for Numerical Solution of Differential Equations

Teaching Java in Advanced Topics Courses

Fine-grain and Coarse-grain Parallelism in Future Processors

Issues in Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks

The Second International Workshop on Engineering of Reconfigurable Hardware/Software Objects (ENREGLE)

Aspect Oriented Programming

Applied Parallel Algorithms

Parallel and Distributed Intelligent Systems

Network Management Systems

The 2000 International Workshop on Cluster Computing - Technologies, Environments, and Applications CC-TEA'2000

Reliability and Fault-Tolerance

DSM Systems and Persistence

Volume II

Mathematical Modeling and Problem Solving

Scheduling Algorithms for Parallel/Distributed Computing - From Theory to Implementation

Coordination in Parallel and Distributed Applications and Activities

Distributed Objects in Computational Science

Interconnection Networks and Related Topics

Communication Issues + E-Commerce