The Industrial Information Technology Handbook 2005

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Part I: Fundamentals of Information Technology

Section 1: Computer Software and Web Technologies

1.1 Development Platforms and Frameworks

1.2 The Unified Modeling Language

1.3 Middleware

1.4 Web Technologies

1.5 Web Programming

1.6 Multidimensional Database Technology

Section 2: The Internet and IP Networks

2.1 Introduction to the Internet

2.2 Internet Core Protocols

2.3 Quality of Service in IP networks

2.4 Internet Applications and Application Services

2.5 Management of IP Networks

2.6 Network Security

2.7 Ad Hoc Networking

Part II: Industrial Information Technology

Section 3: Industrial Communication Systems

3.1 Introduction to Data Communication Networks

3.2 Field Area Networks

3.3 Ethernet and Wireless/Mobile network Technologies

3.4 Linking Factory Floor with the Internet and Wireless Fieldbusses

3.5 Security and Safety Technologies in Industrial Networks

3.6 Automotive and Industrial Applications

Section 4: The Internet, Web, and IT Technologies in Industrial Automation and Design

4.1 Internet and Web-Based Technologies in Industrial Automation

4.2 Component Technologies in Industrial Automation

4.3 Java Technology and Industrial Applications

4.4 Standards for Programmable Logic Controllers and System Design

4.5 Virtual Reality in Design and Manufacturing

4.6 Security in Automation Systems

Section 5: Intelligent Sensors and Sensor Networks

5.1 Intelligent Sensor and Device Technology

5.2 Intelligent Sensors in Robotics

5.3 Sensor Systems and Networks

5.4 Multisensor Data Fusion

Section 6: Real-Time Embedded Systems

6.1 Embedded Systems

6.2 Security in Embedded Systems

6.3 System-on-Chip and Network-on-Chip Design

6.4 Networked Embedded Systems

Section 7: Integration Technologies

7.1 E-Technologies in Enterprise Integration

7.2 IT Technologies in Enterprise Integration

7.3 Network-Based Integration Technologies

7.4 Agent-Based Technologies in Industrial Automation

7.5 Industrial Information Technology Solutions for Energy and Power Systems

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