CSCW 2015: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Keynote Address


Hacking and Making

Aging Gracefully and Collaboratively

Policy and the Legislative Context

Mood and Emotion

Framing Collaboration: Systems and Analysis

Understanding Deviance in Collaboration

Urban Environments

All in the Family

Trust & Anonymity

Computer Supported Happiness

Annotation Systems and Approaches

Scientific Domains

Leveraging the Crowd

Mobile Collaboration

Studies of Coordination

Young Adults and Online Behavior

Crowd Work and Crowd Process


Teamwork Challenges

Politics and Social Networks

Motivating Peer Production

My Mobile, My Friends

Is There a Doctor in the Room?

Leveraging Language

Collaboration in a Globalised World

Technologies in the Workplace

Creative Collaborating

Collaborating Around Crisis

Location, Location, Location

Communities for Individual Behavior Change

Wikipedia: Structure & Function

Collaboration in the Open Classroom

Journalism and Politics

Gender and Sexual Identity

Social Dynamics and My Phone

Recommender Systems

Systems in Support of Health & Wellness

Collaborative Counseling

Community-Based Participatory Research