51st ACSSC 2017: Pacific Grove, CA, USA

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MAb-1: Securing Crowded and Open Networks: Physical-Layer Security in 5G (Invited)

MAb-2: Dirty-RF for Multi-User Massive-MIMO (Invited)

MAb-3: Graph Signal Processing (Invited)

MAb-4: Nonconvex Optimization (Invited)

MAb-5: Theory for Next Generation Radar Systems (Invited)

MAb-6: Signal Processing-Enhanced Biomedical Instrumentation

MAb-7: Dynamically Scheduled High-Level Synthesis (Invited)

MAb-8: Detection, Classification, and Tracking

MAb-8: Video and Image Processing

MAb-8: Multimedia Processing Systems

MPa-1: Network Inference (Invited)

MPa-2: Massive MIMO: Vision and Reality (Invited)

MPa-3: Distributed Methods for Large-scale Optimization (Invited)

MPa-4: Low-dimensional Models for Big Data (Invited)

MPa-5: Mathematics of Super-Resolution (Invited)

MPa-6: Identification and Control of Neural Dynamics (Invited)

MPa-7: Machine Learning for Information Retrieval, Speech, and Image Processing (Invited)

MPa-8: Large-Scale Data

MPa-8: Message Passing and Matrix Factorization Algorithms

MPa-8: Computer Arithmetic II

MPa-8: Computer Architecture II

MPb-1: DNA Storage (Invited)

MPb-2: Cloud and Fog-Assisted 5G (Invited)

MPb-3: Dynamic Control in Wireless Networks (Invited)

MPb-4: High-dimensional Estimation: Theory and Algorithms (Invited)

MPb-5: Waveform and Array Optimization for Multistatic/MIMO Radar (Invited)

MPb-6: Statistical Signal Processing and Learning in Neuroscience (Invited)

MPb-7: Testbed-Based 5G Research (Invited)

TAa-1: Interface of Communications and Control (Invited)

TAa-2: Video Delivery Over Wireless Caching Networks: Theory and Practice (Invited)

TAa-3: Smart Networked Infrastructure (Invited)

TAa-4: Structured and Covariance Matrix Recovery (Invited)

TA-5: Tensor Methods (Invited)