AAMAS 2002: Bologna, Italy

Volume I

Agent oriented software engineering

Markets and auctions I

Markets and auctions II

Bidding and bargaining agents I

Multiagent simulation

Robot architectures

Multiagent resource allocation

Trust and reputation

Life-like and believable qualities

Evolution, adaptation and learning I

Argumentation, persuation, and papers

Self-organizing systems

Group and organizational dynamics

Volume II

Agent communication languages


Bidding and bargaining agents II

Mobile software agents

Social order

Agent analysis and design

Scalability and robustness

Conversational agents

Mobile embodied agents

Theories of agency, autonomy, and papers

Formalisms and logics II

Formalisms and logics I

Agent analysis and validation

Volume III

Applications in commerce

Specification of social structures

Coordination and cooperation II

Coordination and cooperation I

Philosophical foundations

Distributed problem solving


Evolution, adaptation, and learning II