ACM SIGMOD Conference 2010: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Keynote 1

Advanced query processing

Data cleaning & data mining

Graph data & querying

Data streams & time-series data

Innovative data management

Location & sensor based data

Probabilistic & uncertain data

Leveraging hardware for data management

University of Washington

Social networks & community data

Scalable data analytics

Advanced query processing

Cloud computing & internet scale computing

Data summarization

Probabilistic data, fuzzy data, & data provenance

Data security & privacy

Web data integration

Web data management

Graph mining

Indexing & storage management

Industrial session 1: new platforms

Industrial session 2: advanced analytics

Industrial session 3: advances in DBMSs

Industrial session 4: information integration, collaboration & visualization

Industrial session 5: stream processing

Session A: cloud, OLAP, and XML

Session B: stream, keyword search, and web

Session C: schema, language, and spatial