European Conference on Principles of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (PKDD)

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      26th PKDD / 33rd ECML 2022: Grenoble, France

      25th PKDD / 32nd ECML 2021: Bilbao, Spain (Virtual Event)

      24th PKDD / 31st ECML 2020: Ghent, Belgium (Virtual Event)

      23rd PKDD / 30th ECML 2019: Würzburg, Germany

      22nd PKDD / 29th ECML 2018: Dublin, Ireland

      ECML PKDD Journal Track: Data Min. Knowl. Discov. 32(5)

      21st PKDD / 28th ECML 2017: Skopje, Macedonia

      20th PKDD / 27th ECML 2016: Riva del Garda, Italy

      19th PKDD / 26th ECML 2015: Porto, Portugal

      18th PKDD / 25th ECML 2014: Nancy, France

      17th PKDD / 24th ECML 2013: Prague, Czech Republic

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