20th ICECS 2013: Abu Dhabi

Session A1L-A: Analog Circuits I

Session A1L-B: Low-Power Circuits

Session A1L-C: Emerging Circuits and Systems

Session A2P-G: MSc and PhD Forum

Session A2P-H: Advances in Test and Reliability

Session A2P-J: Amplifiers and Filters

Session A3L-A: Data Converters I

Session A3L-B: Video Systems: Hardware and Coding

Session A3L-C: Sensing and Sensor Networks

Session A3L-D: Wireless Communications Systems

Session A3L-E: Nonlinear Systems, Maps and Networks

Session A4L-A: Bioengineering Circuits and Systems I

Session A4L-B: DSP Algorithms and Multimedia Systems

Session A4L-C: Process Variations

Session A4L-D: Memristive Devices and Systems

Session A4L-E: Real-Time Algorithms and Reconfigurable Architectures

Keynote Speaker

Session B1L-A: Analog Circuits II

Session B1L-B: Low-Power Architectures II

Session B1L-C: Renewable Energy Systems and Harvesting

Session B1L-D: Test and Reliability

Session B1L-E: Signal Processing for Biometric and Security Applications

Session B2P-G: Data Converters II

Session B2P-H: Bioengineering Circuits and Systems II