ICEC 1996: Nagoya, Japan

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Plenary Lectures

Invited Lectures

Biologically Inspired Evolutionary Systems (1)


GA Applications (1)

Evolutionary Programming, Genetic Programming

Machine Learning


Evolutionary Algorithms and Fuzzy Systems

Constrained Optimization, Constraint Satisfaction and EC

Biologically Inspired Evolutionary Systems (2)

Self-adaptation in Evolutionary Algorithms

Non-Darwinian Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary Robotics and Automation

GA Applications (2)

GA Applications

Evolutionary Computation: Toward a Breakthrough in Hard Optimization Problems with an Emgergent Approach

Combination with Fuzzy & Neural Networks, GA-Theory

Be Darwinian: Make Your Evolutionary-Based Optimization Algorithm Compete With All Others

Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks

Combination with Fuzzy & Neural Networks