Pattern Recognition, Volume 45

Volume 45, Number 1, January 2012

Human motion, head pose Face Biometrics, iris, fingerprint, writer 3D surface, projection, depth Objects, circles, features Images, scenes, remote sensing, infrared Clustering, PCA, prototype Classification, neural network Navigation, documents Discovery, topic modeling, gradient vector Gene expression, tensor factorization

Volume 45, Number 2, February 2012

Images, texture, spatial relation Facial expressions Features Clustering, distance metric Classification, discriminant analysis

Volume 45, Number 3, March 2012

Biometrics, DNA Ear, face, pedestrian Signatures Learning, action, visual tracking Clustering, classification Images, neural disparity Dimensionality reduction

Volume 45, Number 4, April 2012

Retina, Endocytosis, Cervical Smear Pain, Gene Expression Face Recognition Handwriting, Signature, Documents Classification, Kernel Dimensionality, 3D Images, Image Processing and Retrieval Objects, Scenes, Shadows Video, Multimedia, CAD Clustering, Learning, Subspace Analysis Manifolds, Error-Correcting Output Codes

Volume 45, Number 5, May 2012

Clustering and Classification