17th WI 2018: Santiago, Chile

WI 2018 Regular Papers

WI 2018 Short Papers

11th Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering Workshop (NLPOE 2018)

5th International Workshop on Complex Methods for Data and Web Mining (CMDWM 2018)

1st International Workshop on Text Analysis and Retrieval (TAR 2018)

1st International Workshop on Blockchain Technology for Multi-Agent Systems (BC4MAS 2018)

International Workshop on Web Personalization, Recommender Systems and Social Media (WPRSM 2018)

3rd International Workshop on Intelligent Data Analysis in Integrated Social CRM (iCRM 2018)

Industry Track Papers

Challenging the Big Data Problem on the Web (BigWebData 2018)

Social Media Analytics for Healthcare (SMA4H 2018)

Data Science for Crime Analytics (DSfCA 2018)

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