7th FDL 2004: Lille, France

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AMS-1: Tools For AMS Desing

AMS-2: System Level Desing

AMS-3: Modeling Techniques

AMS-4: Languages Issues

AMS-5: Practical Applications I

AMS-6: Practical Applications II

UML-1: MDA & Methodology

UML-2: Transformations & Code Generation

UML-3: Methods For Real-Time

UML-4: UML Case Studies

CSD-1: Simulation

CSD-2: Embedded Systems Modelling & Design

CSD-3: Results From The MEDEA SpeAC Project

CSD-4: Application Of Languages To Special Architectures

CSD-5: Exploration Of New Languages

LFSV-2: Verification Based Methodologies

LFSV-3: Languages & Their Execution

LFSV-4: Advances In B

LFSV-5: Verification frameworks

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