European Test Symposium

23rd ETS 2018: Bremen, Germany

22nd ETS 2017: Limassol, Cyprus

21st ETS 2016: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

20th ETS 2015: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

19th ETS 2014: Paderborn, Germany

18th ETS 2013: Avignon, France

17th ETS 2012: Annecy, France

16th ETS 2011: Trondheim, Norway

15th ETS 2010: Prague, Czech Republic

14th ETS 2009: Sevilla, Spain

13th ETS 2008: Verbania, Italy

12th ETS 2007: Freiburg, Germany

11th ETS 2006: Southhampton, UK

10th ETS 2005: Tallinn, Estonia

9th ETS 2004: Ajaccio, France

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