31st COMPCON 1986: San Francisco, California, USA

Unix Portability

What Do Copyright and Patents Protect?

The Next Generation of HP Computers: The Spectrum Program

Integrated Services Digital Network

Low-cost Typesetting with Microcomputers

The Strategic Defense Initiative: The Software Reliability Issue

Early ISDN Applications: The Reality Test

Knowledge Processing

The MIPS Microprocessor

PC Network Operating Systems

USA vs. Japan: Who Will Win and Why

Fifth Generation Architectures

CLIPPER Microprocessor

The Next Generation of Powerful Home Computers

Optical Publishing

Fifth Generation Languages

New Architectures for High-Performance Computer Execution

Low-cost Packet Radio Networking

CAD/CAM Data Base Management

Light Industrial Robotics

Panel Session: The Great RISC vs. CISC Debate

Nontraditional Applications of the Electronic Spreadsheet Programs

Object Oriented Databse System

Digital Broadcasting on Radio, Television, and Cable

US Efforts Towards Supercomputers

Panel Session: Software Quality Metrics

Database Machines

Designing with Gallium Arsenide Components

New Computing Alternatives

Manufacturing Automation Protocol: Plans, Products, and Applications

Concurrency Control

VLSI Test Capabilities

The New Wave of Affordable Super-minis/Mini-supers

Impact of Micro Computer Technology on Navigation

Should Computer Science Curriculum Be Accredited?

User's Experience with Silicon Compilers

Late Paper

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