30th COMPCON 1985: San Francisco, California, USA

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1. The Use of Standards for Open Systems Interconnection

2. The Crisis in Higher Education: Solutions (Panel)

3. Specialized Computer Systems

4. Optical Storage I

5. Workstation-Based Database Systems

6. Performance of New High-End Architectures

7. Optical Storage II

8. Transaction-Based Systems

9. Directions for Expert Systems Research

10. Directions in High Performance Computer Architectures

11. Silicon Compilers: Leverage for VLSI

12. Pracitcal Issues in Personal Computer Networks

13. Expert System Software

14. The VAX 8600: The New High End VAX

15. Rapidly Prototyping VLSI Systems

16. Voice Local Area Networks

17. Prolog

18. Engineering Workstations for Integrated CAE/CAD/CAT/CAM Environments

19. High Performance Transaction Processing Systems

20. Fault-Tolerant Computing: State of the Art and Open Problems I

21. Silicon Support for Computer Graphics

22. Optical Computing I

23. Fault-Tolerant Computing: State of the Art and Open Problems II

24. Application of Software Metrics

25. Are Simulation Accelerators Solving the Design Simulation Problem? (Panel)

26. Optical Computing II

27. Programming Environments for Large-Scale Software Development

28. A. I. Machines

29. Advances in Testing Technology for Semi-Custom Chips

30. Evaluation of Modern Computers: Comparing Oranges and Bananas

31. Expert System Concepts

32. Parallel and Data Flow Architectures

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