2. IICAI 2005: Pune, India

Keynote Speeches

Intelligent Control

Application of AI and Meta-Heuristics to Computer-Aided Design of VLSI and Embedded Systems

Intelligent Robotics

Neural Networks for Speech, Audio and Image Processing I

Neural Networks for Speech, Audio and Image Processing II

Abstraction in Probabilistic Planning and Learning

Natural Language Processing for Information Retrieval

Chemical and Bioprocess Systems

AI Applications to Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering

AI Applications to Water Resources Engineering

Logic and Knowledge Representation

Pattern Recognition and Data Mining

Evolutionary Computing

Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Logical Consequence and its Combinations

Semantic Web

Case-Based Reasoning

Natural Computing in Infrastructure Engineering and Management

Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic Applications

Web Intelligence and Soft Computing


Fuzzy Set Theory and Control