Journal of the ACM, Volume 63

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Volume 63, Number 1, March 2016

Communication Complexity Approximation Algorithms Parallel Computing Word Equations Economics and Computation Algorithms & Data Structures Database Systems & Theory Invited Articles Section Concurrent, Distributed, and Parallel Languages Computer-aided Verification

Volume 63, Number 2, May 2016

Economics and Computation Analysis of Algorithms Distributed Computing Database Systems and Theory Complexity Theory Distributed Algorithms Invited Articles Section Logic and Computation

Volume 63, Number 3, September 2016

Distributed Computing Learning Theory Probabilistic Algorithms Number-theoretic Computation Computer-aided Verification Logic and Computation Randomized Algorithms and Probabilistic Analysis Invited Articles Section Complexity Computational Biology

Volume 63, Number 4, November 2016

Parameterized and Exact Algorithms Economics and Computation Distributed Computing Probabilistic Proofs Quantum Information Complexity Theory Coding Theory Economics and Computation Constraint Satisfaction & Computational Complexity Invited Articles Foreword Communication Complexity

Volume 63, Number 5, December 2016

Graph Theory Algorithms 8 Data Structures Randomized Algorithms 8 Probabilistic Combinatorics Probabilistic Combinations Parameterized Complexity, Graph Algorithms, Monadic Second-order Logic Invited Articles Graph Algorithms Computational Complexity Distributed Computing

Volume 63, Number 6, January 2017

Computational Geometry Randomized Algorithms & Probabilistic Analysis Machine Learning Algebraic Computation
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