SIGCSE 2005: St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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Compiler technology


Teaching experimentation


Contrasting women's experiences in computer science at different institutions


Capstone projects

Computer organization

Instructional technologies

Using history of computing to address problems and opportunities

Software engineering projects

Computer security

Algorithms and data structures

The first year: new ways to teach programming

Challenges to computer science education research

Software and techniques for upper level courses

On-line instruction

Object-oriented design and testing

The first year: new approaches

Computer games and CS education: why and how

IT offshore outsourcing: impact on CS/IS curriculum

Outcomes-based computer science education


Programming with images

Active and lab-based learning

The first year: breadth first approaches

Using peer review in teaching computing

Teaching hands-on computer and information systems security despite limited resources

Issues in secondary education & introductory programming

Ethics and computing

Non-major courses

Evaluating student work

Gender issues

The first year: studies of student performance


Emerging areas in computer science education

Student teams

Design patterns

Assessing student learning

Systems-level programming