30th SEKE 2018: Redwood City, CA, USA

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Session Sun-I-1: Data Intensive Service-based Applications I

Session Sun-II-1: Semantic Enabled Software Engineering I

Session Sun-III-1: Agile Software Development I

Session Sun-I-2: Data Intensive Service-based Applications II

Session Sun-II-2: Semantic Enabled Software Engineering II

Session Sun-III-2: Software Development I

Session Sun-I-3: Information Extraction I

Hot Topic Mining based on the Heat of Micro-blog Wang Siyao 92

Session Sun-II-3: Conceptual Lattices for Software Sys. Eng.

Session Sun-III-3: Information Extraction II

Session Sun-I-4: Requirements Engineering I

Session Sun-II-4: Software Quality I

Session Sun-III-4: Open Source Software

Session Sun-I-5: Agents

Session Sun-II-5: Software Architecture and Frameworks

Session Mon-I-1: Vehicular and Transportation

Session Mon-II-1: Security and Privacy I

Session Mon-III-1: Software Evolution

Session Mon-I-2: Software Modelling I

Session Mon-II-2: Software Testing I

Session Mon-III-2: Software Modelling II

Session Mon-I-3: Distributed Systems

Session Mon-II-3: Software Development II

Session Mon-III-3: Formal Methods

Session Mon-I-4: Visualization

Session Mon-II-4: Software Defect Management I

Session Mon-III-4: Sentimental Analysis and User Experience

Session Mon-I-5: Software Development III

Session Mon-II-5: Software Defect Management II

Session Tue-I-1: Agile Software Development II

Session Tue-II-1: Real-time Systems

Session Tue-III-1: Requirements Engineering II

Session Tue-I-2: Software Testing II

Session Tue-II-2: Software Quality II

Session Tue-III-2: Components and Memory Management

Session Tue-I-3: Software Quality III

Session Tue-II-3: Computational Intelligence, Models and Algorithms

Session Tue-III-3: Software Testing III

Session Tue-I-4: Security and Privacy II