12. ACM Multimedia 2004: New York, NY, USA

Content-Based Image Retrieval

Networked Multimedia Applications

Augmented and Virtual Spaces for Creative Learning, Collaboration, and Play

Multimedia Service Composition

Audio Processing

Multimedia Streaming

Technical and Art Demonstrations Session 1

From Context to Content: Leveraging Contextual Metadata to Infer Multimedia Content

Student Best Paper Contest

Technical Poster Session 1: Multimedia Analysis, Processing, and Retrieval

Technical Poster Session 2: Multimedia Networking and System Support

Technical Poster Session 3: Multimedia Tools, End-Systems, and Applications

Art poster session

Technical Best Paper Contest Session

Learning in Multi-Modal Data

Multimedia Systems

Tools Development for Arts Research and Practice

The Effect of Benchmarking on Advances in Semantic Video

Compression, Streaming, and Retrival of 3D Objects

Still and Moving Images