KES 2007: Vietri sul Mare, Italy

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Intelligent Processing

Computational Learning Methods for Unsupervised Segmentation (CLeMUS)

Computational Methods for Intelligent Neuro-Fuzzy Applications

Learning Automata and Soft Computing Techniques and Their Applications

Learning from Uncertain Data

Neural Information Processing for Data Mining

Neural Networks: Advanced Applications

Soft Computing Approach to Management Engineering

Soft Computing in Electromagnetic Applications

Intelligent Systems

Advanced Cooperative Work

Behavior Support in Advanced Learning Collaboration

Context-Aware Adaptable Systems and Their Applications

Engineered Applications of Semantic Web - SWEA

Environment Support in Advanced Learning Collaboration

Immunity-Based Systems

Interactive Visualization and Clustering

Multi-agent Systems Design, Implementation and Applications

Multimedia Systems and Their Applications Focusing on Reliable and Flexible Delivery for Integrated Multimedia (Media07)