IRI 2013: San Francisco, CA, USA

Session A11: Information Security & Privacy

Session A12: Recommender Systems

Session A13: Workshop on Empirical Methods for Recognizing Inference in Text (EM-RITE)

Session A21: Data Mining I

Session A22: Databases, Structured/Semi-Structured Data I

Session A23: Special Session on Education and Special Session on Robotics and Intelligent Machines

Session A31: Component-based Design and Reuse

Session A32: Workshop on Information Reuse and Integration in Health Informatics (IRI-HI)

Session B11: Artificial Intelligence and Optimization

Session B12: Systems and Process Engineering

Session B13: Biomedical & Healthcare Systems

Session B21: Cloud Computing and Large Scale Data and System Integration

Session B22: Automation and Distributed Systems

Session B23: Data Mining II

Session C11: Reuse in Software Engineering I

Session C12: Machine Learning

Session C13: Workshop on Formal Methods Integration (FMi)

Session C21: Databases, Structured/Semi-Structured Data II

Session C22: Reuse in Software Engineering II

Session C23: Multimedia Systems

Session C31: Government/Industry/Application Track and Special Session on Power and Energy

Session C32: Workshop on Data Integration and Mining (DIM)

Session SP: Poster Exhibition

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