WI / IAT Workshops 2009: Milan, Italy

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International Workshop on Intelligent Web Interaction 2009 (IWI'09)

Workshop on Web Personalization, Reputation and Recommender Systems (WPRRS'09)

International Workshop on Web Information Retrieval Support Systems (WIRSS 2009)

Soft Approaches to Information Access on the Web (SAIAW 2009)

Managing Vagueness and Uncertainty in the Semantic Web (VUSW 2009)

2nd International Workshop on Social and Personal Computing for Web-Supported Learning Communities (SPeL 2009)

Workshop on Natural Language Processing and Ontology Engineering (NLPOE 2009)

The 2nd International Workshop on Electronic Commerce, Business, and Services (ECBS 2009)

Third International Workshop on Human Aspects in Ambient Intelligence: Agent Technology, Human-Oriented Knowledge, and Applications (HAI 2009)

International Workshop on Intelligent E-government and Emergency Management (EGOVEM 2009)

Computational Intelligence Approach for Ontology-Based Knowledge Discovery (CIAO 2009)

The Second WI/IAT Doctoral Workshop (DOCW 2009)

The Second Workshop on Logics for Intelligent Agents and Multi-agent Systems (WLIAMAS 2009)