11th FDL 2008: Stuttgart, Germany

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CSD-1: Extending the Modeling Capabilities of SystemC

CSD-2: Co-Design of Heterogeneous Systems

CSD-3: Architecture Modelling and Evaluation

CSD-4: Adaptive Systems - Reconfigurable Technology

DCS-1: Language-Based Design and Evaluation Methodogies

DCS-2: Modelling of Heterogenous System Components

PDV-1: Timing and Other Non Functional Requirements for SoCs

PDV-2: Models and Methods for Design Tools

PDV-4: System Specification using the Rosetta Language

UMES-1: Timing and Synchronization Modeling and Analysis

UMES-2: Models for System Design

UMES-3: MDE for Embedded Systems

CSD-UMES: Challenges in System Design of Heterogenous Interconnected Applications

FDL-POSTER: FDL Posters Session

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