Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum (CLEF)

International Conference of the CLEF Association – Workshop of the Cross-Language Evaluation Forum (CLEF)

CLEF 2020: Thessaloniki, Greece

Book: 20 Years

CLEF 2019: Lugano, Switzerland

CLEF 2018: Avignon, France

CLEF 2017: Dublin, Ireland

CLEF 2016: Évora, Portugal

CLEF 2015: Toulouse, France

CLEF 2014: Sheffield, UK

CLEF 2013: Valencia, Spain

CLEF 2012: Rome, Italy

CLEF 2011: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CLEF 2010: Padua, Italy

CLEF 2009: Corfu, Greece

CLEF 2008: Aarhus, Denmark

CLEF 2007: Budapest, Hungary

CLEF 2006: Alicante, Spain

CLEF 2005: Vienna, Austria

CLEF 2004: Bath, UK

CLEF 2003: Trondheim, Norway

CLEF 2002: Rome, Italy

CLEF 2001: Darmstadt, Germany

CLEF 2000: Lisbon, Portugal

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