CLEF 2012: Rome, Italy - Online Working Notes/Labs/Workshop

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CHiC: Cultural Heritage in CLEF

Information Retrieval in the Intellectual Property Domain (CLEF-IP)

CLEF-IP - Passage Retrieval Starting from Claims

CLEF-IP - Flowchart Recognition

CLEF-IP - Chemical Structure Recognition

Cross Language Image Retrieval (ImageCLEF)

ImageCLEF - Medical Image Classification and Retrieval

ImageCLEF - Photo Annotation and Retrieval

ImageCLEF - Plant Identification

ImageCLEF- Robot Vision

INEX: Initiative for the Evaluation of XML retrieval

INEX - Social Book Search

INEX - Linked Data

INEX - Tweet Contextualization

INEX - Relevance Feedback

INEX - Snippet Retrieval

Uncovering Plagiarism, Authorship, and Social Software Misuse (PAN)

PAN - Plagiarism Detection

PAN - Author Identification