17th CIKM 2008: Napa Valley, California, USA

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DB: faceted search, web query results presentation

IR: web search 1

KM: classification

Industry research track

DB: efficient maintenance and query optimization

IR: social search

IR/KM: machine learning

KM: link and graph mining

KM: information filtering

DB: stream processing

IR: theory

IR: query analysis

KM: web mining

DB/industry: XML data integration and XML query optimization

IR: evaluation

KM: statistical techniques

Panel discussion

DB: indexing and physical query optimization

IR: web search 2

IR: multilingual & multimedia

KM: data mining

KM: semantic techniques

DB: security and privacy

IR: medley

IR: recommender systems

KM: feature selection

Panel discussion 2

IR: advertising & filtering

IR: blog

KM: clustering

IR: enterprise search

IR: structured documents