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Encyclopedia of Algorithms 2015

Encyclopedia of Systems and Control 2015

Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining 2014

Computer Vision, A Reference Guide 2014

Handbook of Document Image Processing and Recognition 2014

Computing Handbook 2014

Modeling and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering Handbook 2014

Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience 2014

Handbook of Signal Processing Systems 2013

Handbook of Optimization 2013

Handbook of Natural Computing 2012

Handbook of Ambient Assisted Living 2012

Handbook of Visual Display Technology 2012

Encyclopedia of Parallel Computing 2011

Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security 2011

Encyclopedia of Knowledge Management 2011

Recommender Systems Handbook 2011

Network Performance Engineering 2011

Encyclopedia of Machine Learning 2010

International Encyclopedia of Statistical Science 2011

Encyclopedia of Software Engineering 2010

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Handbook 2010

Handbook of Social Network Technologies 2010

Handbook of Information and Communication Security 2010

Handbook of Research on Computational Forensics, Digital Crime, and Investigation 2010

Handbook of Natural Language Processing 2010

Encyclopedia of Database Systems 2009

Encyclopedia of Data Warehousing and Mining 2009

Encyclopedia of Artificial Intelligence 2009

Encyclopedia of Biometrics 2009

Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries 2009


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Handbook of Automation 2009

Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science 2009

Encyclopedia of Optimization 2009

Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering 2008

Encyclopedia of Algorithms 2008

Taschenbuch der Algorithmen 2008

Encyclopedia of GIS 2008

Handbook of Database Security 2008

Springer Handbook of Robotics 2008

Handbook of Research on Ubiquitous Computing Technology for Real Time Enterprises 2008

Handbook of Research on Computer Mediated Communication 2008

Encyclopedia of Multimedia 2008

Handbook of Spatial Logics 2007

Encyclopedia of Portal Technologies and Applications 2007

Encyclopedia of Information Ethics and Security 2007

Encyclopedia of Multimedia 2006

Encyclopedia of Cryptography and Security 2005

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology 2005

Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, Second Edition 2004

The VLSI Handbook 1999

The Computer Science and Engineering Handbook 1997

Handbook of Theoretical Computer Science 1990