13. ACM Multimedia 2005: Singapore

Content 1: news video processing

Applications 1: media fusion for communication and presentation

Brave new topics 1: multimedia challenges for planetary scale applications

Content 2: image clustering

Systems 1: multi-camera systems

Interactive arts 1: interfaces for audio and music creation

Technical demonstration 1: media understanding and browsing

Best student papers

Video demonstrations and visions

Poster 1: systems track

Poster 2: applications track

Poster 3: content track

Art poster session

Plenary papers

Content 3: audio and security


Brave new topics 2: affective multimodal human-computer interaction

Content 4: image analysis and retrieval

Applications 2: automated multimedia authoring

Interactive arts 2: performance, play, and appreciation

Technical demonstration 2: media authoring and processing

Content 5: video abstraction

Systems 2: mobility and video

Open source software competition

Content 6: multimodal processing

Applications 3: tools for multimedia analysis and retrieval

Interactive arts 3: interaction in social and virtual environments

Systems 3: searching and streaming

Applications 4: interactive multimedia systems

Brave new topics 3: advanced methods for medical image retrieval & applications

Doctoral symposium 1

Doctoral symposium 2

ACM multimedia art exhibition