EUROSPEECH 1993: Berlin, Germany


Speech Coding

Articulatory Modelling

Voice Source Analysis and Modelling

HMM-Based Recognition System

Speech Signal Processing

Speaker Recognition

Data Bases, Speech Assessment, Noisy Speech


Phoneme Classification and Labelling

Duration Modelling in HMMs

Speaker Adaptation and Normalization

Speech Analysis, Articulatory Modelling

Prosody: Rhythm, Style, Emotion

Improved Algorithms for HMMs

Noisy Speech and Enhancement

Speaker Variability

Segmentation and Labelling

Prosody: Analysis and Modelling of <i>F</i><sub>0</sub> Contours

Speech Recognition in Noise

Speaker Independency

Speech Synthesis

Dialogue Structure

Language Modelling

Prosody: Prosodic Parameter Manipulation

New Architectures for Neural Networks

Noise Reduction and Channel Adaption

Word Spotting

Speech Processing and Coding