GECCO 2011: Dublin, Ireland - Companion Material

Ant colony optimization and swarm intelligence track posters

Artificial life/robotics/evolvable hardware track posters

Bioinformatics, computational, systems, and synthetic biology track posters

Digital entertainment technologies and arts track posters

Evolutionary combinatorial optimization and metaheuristics track posters

Estimation of distribution algorithms track posters

Evolutionary multiobjective optimization track posters

Evolution strategies and evolutionary programming track posters

Genetic algorithms track posters

Genetics based machine learning track posters

Genetic programming track posters

Generative and developmental systems track posters

Parallel evolutionary systems track posters

Real world applications track posters

Search-based software engineering track posters

Self-* search track posters

Theory track posters

Evolutionary computation in practice

Evolutionary computation techniques for constraint handling

Fourteenth international workshop on learning classifier systems

Computational intelligence on consumer games and graphics hardware (CIGPU)

Medical applications of genetic and evolutionary computation (MedGEC)

Evolutionary computation and multi-agent systems and simulation (ECoMASS) - fifth annual workshop

1st workshop on evolutionary computation for designing generic algorithms

Bio-inspired solutions for wireless sensor networks (GECCO BIS-WSN 2011)

3rd symbolic regression and modeling workshop for GECCO 2011

Optimization by building and using probabilistic models (OBUPM-2011)

Scaling behaviours of landscapes, parameters and algorithms

GreenIT evolutionary computation

Graduate students workshop

Late breaking abstracts workshop

Introductory tutorials

Advanced tutorials