4. CISIS 2010: Krakow, Poland

Software Engineering for Distributed Systems I

Database and Data Mining Applications

Software Engineering for Distributed Systems II

Intelligent Context-Aware Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Applications

Intelligent and Autonomic Systems

Bio-Medical and Socially Inspired Systems

Network Control and Performance Analysis

Wireless and Mobile Networking

Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing

Sensor and Ad-Hoc Networks

P2P Systems

Distributed Systems I

Distributed Systems II

Ontologies and Semantic Web

Security and Privacy

3PGIC 2010 - Fourth International Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing

Middleware, Services and Programming Models

Grid Economics and Resource Management

Grid and P2P Computing and Applications

Resilience, Security and Trust in Grid Systems

ADiS 2010 - First International Workshop on Autonomic Distributed Systems

ECDS 2010 - Fourth Workshop on Engineering Complex Distributed Systems

Managing Complexity

Techniques and Tools

Applications and Reviews

FCISIS 2010 - Third International Workshop on Frontiers on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems

Architectures and Frameworks

Intelligent Systems and Biotechnology

Networking Systems


IIBM 2010 - Third International Workshop on Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine

IIHCI-2010 - Third International Workshop on Intelligent Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction

Tools and Devices

Intelligent Interaction Techniques

IMIS 2010 - Fourth International Workshop on Intelligent, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing





IMIS-SS1a: Security and Privacy in Mobile Ubiquitous Computing

IMIS-SS1b: Security and Privacy in Mobile Ubiquitous Computing

IMIS-SS2: Intelligent Methods in Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding

IMIS-SS3: Trust and Context in Ubiquitous Computing

MuCoCoS 2010 - International Workshop on Multi-Core Computing Systems

Design and Analysis


Resource Usage Optimization and Interconnection Networks

OnAV-2010 - Third International Workshop on Ontology Alignment and Visualization

Ontology Matching and Visual

Applications in Semantic Technologies and Ontologies

Principles of Ontology Alignment

SENSE/COCOSS 2010 - First International Federated Workshop on Semantically-Enabled Systems Engineering and Coordination in Complex Software Intensive Systems

Theoretical and Practical Issues

Coordination Challenges

SWISM 2010 - International Workshop on Semantic Web/Grid Information and Services Discovery and Management

Autonomous and Autonomic Distributed Systems

Semantic Models for Distributed Systems

Semantic Based Information Management

VENOA 2010 - Second International Workshop on Virtual Environment and Network-Oriented Applications

Virtual Environment Architecture

Multimedia and Web

Haptic Interface and Applications