3. CISIS 2009: Fukuoka, Japan

Third International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems (CISIS 2009)

S1: Software Engineering for Distributed Systems I

S2: Software Engineering for Distributed Systems II

S3: Database and Data Mining Applications I

S4: Database and Data Mining Applications II

S5: Artificial Intelligence and Applications I

S6: Artificial Intelligence and Applications II

S7: Agent and Autonomic Systems

S8: Systems for Biological and Medical Applications

S9: Complex Intelligent Techniques for eLearning

S10: Network Control and Performance Analysis I

S11: Network Control and Performance Analysis II

S12: Wireless and Mobile Networking

S13: Networking-Based Systems and Applications I

S14: Networking-Based Systems and Applications II

Third International Workshop on P2P, Parallel, Grid and Internet Computing (3PGIC 2009)

Session 1: Grid and P2P Computing

Session 2: Performance and Grid-Enabled Applications

Session 3: Services, Workflows and Data Grids

Third Workshop on Engineering Complex Distributed Systems (ECDS 2009)

S1: Systems and Requirements Engineering

S2: Techniques & Applications

Third International Workshop on Intelligent, Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS 2009)

S1: Intelligent Services

S2: Security

S3: Mobile Internet and Wireless Network

S4: Theoretical Foundations and Algorithms

S5: Security & Multimedia

International Workshop on Multi-Core Computing Systems (MuCoCoS 2009)

MuCoCoS 2009: Session 1

MuCoCoS 2009: Session 2

MuCoCoS 2009: Session 3

Second International Workshop on Ontology Alignment and Visualization (OnAV 2009)

S1: Principles in Ontology Matching and Visualization

S2: Applications in Ontology Matching and Visualization

Intelligent Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction (IIHCI 2009)

S1: Intelligent Interface Design

S2: Chatbots and Learning Techniques

S3: Tools and Applications

Second International Workshop on Intelligent Informatics in Biology and Medicine (IIBM 2009)

S1: IIBM-1

S2: IIBM-2

S3: IIBM-3

Second International Workshop on Adaptive Systems in Heterogeneous Environments (ASHEs 2009)

Session 1. Adaptive Behavior in Heterogeneous Systems

Session 2. Adaptive Service and Resource Management

International Workshop on Biometrics, Technology and Personalized Medicine (BT 2009)

S1: Developing Automated Biometric Control