2nd WF-IoT 2015: Milan, Italy

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Automotive loT Workshop

Session S01: Web of Things

Session S02: IoT Application

Session S03: IoT Enabling Technologies

Automotive loT Workshop

Session S04: IoT and M2M Services

Session S05: Performance on IoT Deplyments

Session S06: Programming Platforms for IoT

Session S07: IoT and Cloud Web Services

Session S08: Efficient IoT and Energy

Session S09: IoT and Service Management

Session S10: IoT and Sensor Modeling

Session S11: IoT Models

Session S12: Massive loT Data: Impact on Security, Privacy and Urban Dynamics in Smart Cities

Session S13: IoT Experimental Results (I)

Session S14: Military Applications of IoT

Session S15: IoT Experimental Results (II)

Session S16: IoT Infrastructure Services

Session S17: IoT and Mobile Edge Computing

Session S18: IoT for eHealth and Management of Chronic Conditions

Session S19: IoT and Intelligent Services