10. ILPS 1993, Workshop 5: Global Compilation

Concern about the performance of logic programming systems has lead many researchers to study global program analysis techniques such as abstract interpretation. Some encouraging work has demonstrated the usefulness of applying global analysis to compilation. Owing in part to the technical nature of many of the analysis techniques, there has been a tendency for researchers to focus either on analysis techniques or on code generation and execution strategies. The objective of this one-day workshop is to provide an opportunity for greater interaction between researchers with these different focuses. An additional objective is to allow cross-fertilization from work on other programming paradigms, such as functional programming. Topics may include but are not limited to analysis techniques and frameworks, efficiency of analysis, multiple specialization, avoiding code explosion, variable and structure sharing, single-threaded analysis, free variable analysis, and interaction with language features and execution strategies.

Spiro Michaylov (The Ohio State University, USA)
Will Winsborough (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Contact person:
Will Winsborough

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