Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming (JICSLP)

International Logic Programming Symposium (ILPS) – International Symposium on Logic Programming (ISLP) – North American Conference on Logic Programming (NACLP) – Symposium on Logic Programming (SLP)

15. SLP (JICSLP) 1998: Manchester, UK

Workshop Home Page

14. ILPS 1997: Port Jefferson, NY, USA

ILPS97 Workshop on Parallelism and Implementation Technology for Constraint Logic Programming

Tools and Environments for (Constraint) Logic Programming

13. SLP (JICSLP) 1996: Bonn, Germany

JICSLP 1996 Home Page

Post Conference Workshops

Parallelism and Implementation Technology for Constraint Logic Programming

12. ILPS 1995: Portland, Oregon

11. ILPS 1994: Ithaca, New York

Post-Conference Workshops:

Workshop 1: Uncertainty in Databases and Deductive Systems.
TCS 171(1-2), January 1997 is an outgrow of this workshop

Workshop 3: Constraint Languages/Systems and Problem Modelling

10. ILPS 1993: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Post-Conference Workshops:

Workshop 3: Logic Programming with Incomplete Information

Workshop 4: Structural Complexity and Recursion-Theoretic Methods in Logic Programming

Workshop 5: Global Compilation

Workshop 6: Methodologies for Composing Logic Programs

Workshop 7: Constraint Logic Programming vs Operational Research

9. SLP (JICSLP) 1992: Washington, DC

8. ISLP 1991: San Diego, California, USA

7. NACLP 1990: Austin, Texas

6. NACLP 1989: Cleveland, Ohio

5. ICLP/SLP 1988: Seattle, Washington

4. SLP 1987: San Francisco, California

3. SLP 1986: Salt Lake City, Utah

2. SLP 1985: Boston, Massachusetts

1. SLP 1984: Atlantic City, New Jersey

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