KES 2005: Melbourne, Australia

Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Their Applications

Data Mining and Soft Computing Applications II

Skill Acquisition and Ubiquitous Human Computer Interaction

Soft Computing and Their Applications - IV

Agent-Based Workflows, Knowledge Sharing and Reuse

Multi-media Authentication andWatermarking Applications

Knowledge and Engineering Techniques for Spatio-temporal Applications

Intelligent Data Analysis and Applications II

Creativitiy Support Environment and Its Social Applications

Collective Intelligence

Computational Methods for Intelligent Neuro-fuzzy Applications

Evolutionary and Self-organizing Sensors, Actuators and Processing Hardware

Knowledge Based Systems for e-Business and e-Learning I

Multi-agent Systems and Evolutionary Computing

Ubiquitous Pattern Recognition

Neural Networks for Data Mining

Intelligent Systems for e-Business and e-Learning II

Knowledge-Based Technology in Crime Matching, Modelling and Prediction

Soft Computing Applications

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